Robert Curzon & Wade Matteson - The Shape (Halloween)

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Halloween has one of the most recognizable and emotive musical themes of any horror movie. It is eerie, cold, and suspenseful. We were lucky enough to be the ones to get to pay homage to this classic movie and its awesome music. Not only are we fans of the music, but also huge fans of the original movies as well as the remakes done by Rob Zombie. The first sample of the gun shot in our song is taken from the Halloween 2007 remake which we thought kicked off our track very well. We wanted to have a powerful track with many twists and turns almost as if the music told of the death and destruction that Michael Meyers left in his wake. Towards the end of the track we include a sample from the original Halloween film that we thought fit perfectly to the eerie acoustic section of the outro.

The writing process was very collaborative with Wade and I bouncing ideas off each other and molding the song in stages. Most guitar parts were written by me and the bass was written by Wade but we each had a hand in keeping ideas that we both were excited about. Wade has a great sensibility for the emotional impact and structure of key elements which were integral to the final arrangement of this track. Writing this with Wade reminded me of our writing sessions for a project we had done in the past called Head Noise which also had a dark and experimental vibe.

Using Reaper I recorded most of the guitar and bass parts using Line 6 POD Farm. I then proceeded to use a technique called re-amping where i ran my clean guitar signal through my effects pedal through my amp and then recorded that using a Sure SM-57 mic. I really am a fan of this technique but am always looking to improve my tone! The mixing and mastering was done in Reaper using Waves plugins and various other VSTs. The drums were through EZ Drummer DFH.

It was a lot of fun to write this track and be part of this project that is packed with some great talent and awesome people.

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from Danse Macabre, released October 16, 2012
Robert Curzon - Guitars and Production
Wade Matteson - Guitars, Bass and Keyboard

Original music by John Carpenter




Viking Guitar Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing and mastering engineer, composer, voice actor, and video game metal cover musician.

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