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If You Don't Wear a Mask

by Viking Guitar


I can't sing worth shit, but I can still sing better than some of you can wear a mask. This goes out to everyone that's ready to lose their damn minds when they see people without face coverings at the grocery store, gas station, take-out restaurant, etc. I know this isn't what a lot of you listen to me for. We'll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming shortly.


In these troubling times
You don’t know what to do
So much clashing information
It’s hard to know what’s true
Experts might be lying
“It’s just an overblown flu”
Well I’ve got some news for you

If you don’t wear a mask
You’re a f**king piece of sh*t
You’re either dumber than a rock
Or you’re just a f*king dick
Seeing people act like you
Makes me want to cry
But I just wish you’d stay the f**k inside

It truly is amazing
Just how stupid you can be
To see all this information, yet
“That doesn’t apply to me”
I guess that inconvenience
Equals inhumanity
In your self-centered prick philosophy

If you don’t wear a mask
You’re a f**king piece of sh*t
You can shout about your freedom
But we both know that’s not it
I bet you lack the decency
I bet you lack the class
To wash your hands after you wipe your ass

I know you think you’re special
On your stupid sh*tbag throne
But all of us are working
While you’re j**king off alone
We try to talk, but you just bluster
And you redirect
And you don’t give a f**k who you infect

Now your feathers might be ruffled
Your pride a little hurt
But please don’t misinterpret
I mean to treat you like dirt
You deserve all of the ire
Of every passer-by
Because they know you don’t care if they die

If you don’t wear a mask
You’re a f**king piece of sh*t
You f**king ignorant neanderthal
What a f**king prick
Everyone that looks at you
Hates your f**king guts
And knows that you’re a worthless f**king putz

If you don’t wear a mask
I just don’t know what I can say
If you don’t get the point yet
I could scream at you all day
It’s not about your rights
It’s about not getting sick
Now get it through your head you worthless piece of sh*t


released July 6, 2020
All words and music by Erik Peabody.


all rights reserved



Viking Guitar Rochester, New York

Mixing and mastering engineer, composer, voice actor, and video game metal cover musician.

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